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Learn how All Things Nuclear aims to address two of
humankinds' unmet needs: Cancer and Clean Energy.
Portland Global Sustainable Evergreen Fund
A winner of a 2021 Wealth Professional 5-Star Award
for one of Canada’s top ESG Funds
Access to our Global Network.
As Owners, Operators and Investors we have access unique global opportunities

Our Vision

Making unique, quality private and alternative investments more accessible for everyone.

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Our Mission

To provide all wealth-seeking clients, institutions, and advisors with access to unique opportunities to co-invest with Portland Holdings group of companies in high quality private and alternative investments typically reserved for the affluent and institutional investor.

About Us
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Whenever you invest in any Portland Investment Counsel service or solution, you are assured that our goals will be to:

  • Preserve your capital over the long term, because we invest in what we believe to be high quality businesses.
  • Grow your capital at a reasonable rate, as we invest in businesses that we believe are in strong, long-term growth industries.
  • Minimize taxes on your capital as we hold businesses for the long-term, giving you potentially tax-deferred compounding.
Put simply, we are an Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer. We have a reputation for being Owners and Operators thus we are insightful Investors. Portland Investment Counsel provides portfolio management and exempt market dealer services as well as investment products. Our investor roots date back to 1986.
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Private Debt Funds
  • Sustainable Investing Funds
  • Alternative Assets & Hedge Funds
  • Public Separately Managed Account Mandates Performance
Individuals & Families
  • Mutual funds
  • Private and alternative investments
  • Portland Investment Counsel discretionary managed accounts

  • Public securities mandates
  • Alternative mandates
  • Private Equity mandates

What are the special needs of our clients?
  • Investors that expect to be “investment partners”
  • Investors that expect transparent investments that are based on “fair value”
  • Investors that want to avoid the noise of the markets (effects of emotional trading and computer program trading)
  • Investors that want “like-minded” investment partners:
    • Same expectations
    • Same time horizons
    • Same methods of measurement
The Portland Difference. We have garnered a reputation for being a long-term shareholder and for taking significant positions in investee companies. We believe that wealth should be invested in a manner that is most aligned with the principles followed by successful wealth creators.
We are a corporate citizen that is part of a much larger community. Our mantra of “Doing Well, by Doing Good” drives us to share our success and contribute to society.


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